When you start talking about your visit to the museum, most people probably imagine an endless loop of Greek statues without limbs, sinfully expensive scribbles of long-dead artists, and relics of bygone days. For me, as part of an art scene that uses significantly more modern means, such a thing, however, would offer little direct resource, especially since photographing there is usually only extremely limited. The situation is quite different with the “Super Candy PopUp”. I had heard nothing of this attraction before, which was probably less due to the marketing failure of the operators, than the mere fact that it was only opened on 26 September 2018. When Johanne, a friend & model, with whom I already had some very successful shootings, told me about it, I was in a hurry, especially since the whole idea of ​​the museum is designed as PopUp and it will disappear from the scene in 2019 already. All the more, my interest was aroused to take a closer look at this unique location.

PINK, a bit cheesy and above all with a lot of TamTam

Of course, the completely neglected print shop in Cologne Ehrenfeld, which was painted entirely in light pink, at first justifies one thing: a stir.

Anyone who does not face the color “pink” is most likely to have reached the wrong address. And even the one who was allowed to take a seat in sex e
ducation in the back bank row, will have noticed that as a target audience clearly the female visitors in the center. Ideally: the female visitors with a carefully maintained Instagram account. Because exactly in this direction shoots the idea of ​​the operator. The whole museum is supposed to offer a variety of exposed locations that will allow you to produce unique photos & videos of yourself and your friends.


More than content for likes & followers

Of course, as a professional photographer, you can expect more than just a backdrop for taking your social media presence a step further. When I met Johanne, Amira, on November 24; she was by far the first interested model among my contacts with her enthusiastic response to unbeatable 60 seconds; and the photographer Maurice on the way, we were therefore in good spirits, that we get a lot for the at least proud price of just under 30 € for about 2 hours Fotoaction. Several well-known Instagrammer & Influencer had already expressed themselves very positively in advance to the “Palace of Colors”. And to take one right away: I was not disappointed!

Perfect incidents of light, a variety of full colors, with the effect you could play at will during the recording and also in the post, and interesting locations that you will not get to see otherwise certainly every day, equipped with spots to from all imaginable angles and To take perspectives. Clouds of cotton candy, a licorice ball bath with 100,000 balls, flamingos, balloons and a lot of confetti. Upon entering, it becomes clear that this one has more of “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory” or the “Gummibärenbande” than “Mona Lisa” and “Pharaonic Coffin”. A little childlike touch, but everything very professionally designed. I knew: here I can let off steam!

Humans as the actual work of art

As a rule, a museum should be peppered with a collection of valuable works of art. In Cologne Ehrenfeld, however, the matter is a little different. The human being should be the center of attention here as a work of art and all the impressive interactive locations merely serve as a framework for this work of art. Whether in a battle of the two models in the ball pool, posing in front of a wall provided with countless interesting photos, or when rocking and laughing about the statue of a naked man, as if you were again 13; I was just impressed by how much spontaneity lay in the photo material. Although you came here to shoot good photos, those moments when a pose does not work or you just get photographed in an embarrassing situation in the midst of action eventually turn out to be the best material. So I was able to relive the whole period by looking through my pictures & videos; and that’s how it should be. The girls had so much fun that we worked longer than allowed through the venues. From the “14:30 clock group” was thus unceremoniously the “15:30 clock group”; a necessary crime without sacrifice.

Test run for the new equipment

What made the day an absolute highlight for me as a photographer, was the fact that I was allowed to experience my then brand new “FS5M2” video camera with “Atomos Shogun Inferno” recorder from Sony for the first time in action. For those of you who, understandably enough, have never heard of the technical terms: the thing probably drove me financially down the drain, but the incredible quality is worth every penny invested.

Armed with my new equipment and Maurice along with me, photos and videos of the entire stay could be made at the same time and not only the desired images, but also wonderful making-of material were created. The whole Sunday I used for the post-processing of this unique content and was thrilled with the final result. Sometimes you have shootings, everything is just right.

Successful reunion with friends

Interests connect people. And so this trip also meant that we all finally met again after a long time and could do something together. Since Maurice and Johanne were limited on the day scheduling, Amira and I then picked up our well-deserved meal at a nearby restaurant in Ehrenfeld. Good food & just talk again about all sorts of things; a perfect end to a fulfilling day.

Super People, SuperMaterial, SuperMuseum, Super Candy!

Statement: Encouraging self-expression

Critics may call this type of modern museum the downfall of traditional museum culture, but like many other things, culture goes with the times. Just as our society moves and develops in one direction in the digital age, so too does culture. Therefore, the traditional style of museums will by no means lose their place as a cultural asset; it just creates a new kind of culture, which each should at least once on itself.

Modern self-staging; that’s how you could call the whole concept. In times of Instagram & Co, self-expression is an increasingly central issue, which is often treated very carefully. Daring self-presentations, especially on the Internet, are often ridiculed. It is in the nature of man to represent himself outwardly and towards his fellow man. Social media offers only a frighteningly viral medium, which is certainly getting used to, but also holds tons of opportunities, whether in the social, cultural or interpersonal. The “Super Candy PopUp” has understood this and impressively implemented it!