Vanity – one of the most beautiful clubs in the city

For many tourists and citizens from Cologne, going out in the evening is simply part of it. As night spreads its wings over the city, it draws you into the hottest clubs, such as the Vanity Club cologne. There is always a lot going on at the pulse of Cologne’s nightlife. In the chic furnished restaurant usually runs very stylish audience. My colleague Leon and I moved to Vanity on December 7, 2018 for the “Bad Habits” event. The club is located in the center of Cologne on Hohenzollernring.

Already on the 27th of June this year, I visited the event “Pink Elephant” of my friend Kevin. There I made the acquaintance of Björn, the organizer of “Bad Habits” in Cologne. It turned out that he was a fellow student of my friend Max. The world is really a village. Max, (Marketing Manager of Hall Tor 2 “) and I have already successfully implemented a project.

Invitation to the event

After some time I contacted Björn again. He then offered me to come to Vanity in Cologne as a video photographer on the “Bad Habits”. His photographer was unable to attend the event on December 7, 2018. I was happy to step in and plan to convince Björn’s crew of my abilities. Already in the run-up I was told that the club in Cologne his audience had everything to offer, which is part of a good party night. For me, it started at 9:00 pm because I wanted to arrive at the location at around 10:00 pm. It was a Friday, so it can take a lot longer to reach your destination in a big city. When we arrived just before 22:00 o’clock I noticed that the signs of the paid parking spaces were pasted over and therefore times from 09:00 to 01:00 clock.

The hurdles on arrival

Although I was desperately looking for a parking space for 15 minutes, I had to make do with a car park a few kilometers from the club. I put my car there in front of some bikes – unlike my buddy Leon “free” from. My colleague wrote to me about WhatsApp that he had to park his car in an overpriced car park.

Of course, I had to carry my 30 kg heavy equipment consisting of the backpack, the suitcase and a folder alone to the location. Leon was already waiting for me outside the door and took the suitcase from me. At 22:10, the club was still closed. After we rang everywhere Björn suddenly answered and said: “I’ll be there in a minute.” When his colleagues arrived, they laughingly said that Björn had been in the shower 10 minutes ago.

The club convinces guests with a good organization

At 2220, we walked up a flight of stairs past the cloakroom to the backstage area. There we were finally able to turn off our equipment. I already knew the location from the event “Pink Elephant”. So I built my video and camera together. When we looked around, were already all the staff and the organizers in the preparations. At about 11 pm the first guests appeared. However, to my astonishment, there was no queue in front of the club. We met some people and of course took some photos and video. It was to wait until 00:30 clock, until finally filled the waiting area in the dressing room with club visitors.

Particularly noteworthy is that the club mainly offers events from 18 years and puts great emphasis on the identity card control. There are also events for guests under 16 years. These are however rarer and there are of course no hard drinks.

Now the party is really getting started

An hour later it really started. Both the dance floor and the VIP area and counters were full. I was picking up a lot of material when a dark guy approached me. He had stickers that featured “Bad-Habits”. “We’re going to shoot videos now!” I shouted to him. So we went from visitor to visitor and put the stickers right where they looked good and looked cool. Although at the beginning some guests were even more jammed, with increasing consumption of alcohol, the inhibitions and it went down to the point. As a result, more and more clubgoers wanted to watch my video.

At 03:00 clock I showed Björn in the backstage area some shots, as suddenly broke out of total chaos. “I’m just starting to drink,” he explained. After that, in the VIP area of ​​the crew, next to the DJ desk, bills flew from my “Supreme Money Gun”. Especially Björn was taken with the toy. He was happy as a child and shouted: “That may not be true, is that cool!” The Supreme logo, on which the “Bad Habits” logo was based, Björn had pasted over with a sticker before. A class marketing strategy. His studies paid off in this case.

Love is in the air

The party-hungry visitors are partially bathed in alcohol. Everywhere in the vanity I saw happy celebrating and smooching people. Everything was captured in slow motion with my camera and recorded. The motto of the party was: bad habits, “free movement on a grand scale”. When Björn wanted to record a video, someone tipped him a big glass of “Jack Daniel’s & Coke” on the head. Although Björn was obviously annoyed, he found that the video looked funny.

It was not until around 04:00 that the party was coming to an end. So we packed our things together. However, we also wanted to celebrate something. As a reporter, Leon and I experienced the event totally sober. At each event we only drink water, RedBull or Cola Zero.

When we picked up our things at 5:00 pm, we heard the club owner shouting, “Never again stickers!” What happened? He said the things would stick in the whole club, even on the ceiling. At the door Björn talked to us again. He said that things did not go very well. “Just Friday,” he explained. I replied, “It was still one of the best parties I’ve ever been to.” With Leon’s help, I finally got my equipment back to the car. When I chauffeured him to the parking garage, he had to fork out stately 16 euro parking fees for six hours.

At home I compressed the videos. I also had to edit the photos. They showed happy and exuberantly celebrating club visitors. I too was very satisfied, because it was an unforgettable party for me as well.